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Mortal Kombat 11 Review
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The new bad in the Mortal Kombat series is Kronika, who attempts to rewrite history and create all sorts of havoc. Characters are in the midst of a battle with themselves, with new alliances paving the way. The chaos and the conflict in the series have never before been seen and promise to deliver the punch.

The game is stand-alone in the series which essentially means you start with a clean slate. The fighting system has been enhancing substantially, and the developers have streamlined things for effective functioning.  The goal has been to become well-equipped in diving deeper into the roster and the intricacies of the game.

The story mode is exceptional which is not surprising considering the company’s history in developing high-quality narratives. The developers can deliver a high-quality cinematic experience with its story revolving around Kronikas antics. Combat is interwoven with the cutscenes which lay the foundation for the cinematic feel. Therefore, the action seems similar to well-choreographed scenes from the Naughty Dog games. Perhaps the best aspect is that you start with a clean slate and consequently you can dive right into the story at all times without any problems. You can enjoy playing with the familiar faces in the game without having to worry about the backstories and stuff.Subzero  and Scroption blowing there flame or ice attack towards the other in a fight

The interactions between the old and young selves of the characters is truly a highlight. The performances are endearingly sincere as the story mode hits the perfect balance of being just enough and therefore not going overboard. The game has an electric roster of some of the iconic fighters from the game along with several new additions. The gunslinger Erron Black and the insectoid D’Vorah are the main additions.  Character variations have kept everything fresh as all of them have different sets of moves which allow for a fun experience altogether. Two predetermined movements are available for play while customization is possible now as well.

The metering system has been simplified now which allows for more impactful abilities which can be used anytime. Gone is the idea of needing to hold back and having to plan things out when it comes to the meter. There are separate meters for the offense and defensive ends having rapid recharge abilities as well. The “Fatal Blows” replace MKX’s X-Ray techniques, which serve as an important element of the comeback mechanics. They can be activated once for every matchup though. The aspects of significant block damage discourage users from being too defensive. Therefore it is important to have perfect timing at all times. The running and stamina meters are also not there as the focus is more towards striking with distances. All of these changes mean that there is rarely a low moment in a Mortal Kombat 11 fight.

Few changes in the fighting system have allowed for massive improvements in the overall scheme of the game. The special moves, the combo strings, have been tweaked quite a bit. One of the great things that the game does is provide a huge number of tutorials that effectively teach basic attacks to the more advanced lessons on managing the various ebbs and flows. The tutorials also cover the expert levels as well which effectively highlights the frame data in visual terms. The best aspect is that it talks about strategies on winning rather than simply providing guidance on the possible combo string s and individual moves.  Therefore it is an impressive resource from an overall standpoint and adds a lot of value to the mechanics.

The multiplayer modes are extensive which involve a combination of ranked and casual matchmaking offerings. They also involve the king-of-the-hill mode, ranked seasons, along with the private options like lobbies. They provide specific tools and features which allow users to take control of the action in casual and high-level matches. You can now view the opponent’s win/loss ratio, the projected chance of success, and information about each player’s internet strength and the ability to decline a match. For the most part, the game is robust from an online standpoint and players can find matchups with ease.

The game is not a sequel in anyways, but it truly is the gateway into the kingdom of fighting games for anyone who enjoys playing with ruthless warriors and beating up their enemies to a pulp. The streamline mechanics allow for effective development of the skill levels, comprehensive tutorials to encourage development and a diverse roster of characters with various playstyles. More importantly, the story is impactful and packs a punch like no other. The randomization of Krypt rewards and the tendency to favor the online aspect is a bit of a pain, but overall the game is amazing. For loyalists of the franchise there is a lot that the game has to offer and for those who are playing with a clean slate, it is even better. This was perhaps a conscious decision considering the how the top titles have progressed with their series in recent times such as with the Metal Gear Solids latest entry.


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